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The Trustees

Many dictionaries define a trustee to be a person who legally holds and administers property for the benefit of others or manages the temporal affairs of a church or public institution. In the AME Church, those elected to the office of trustee are not only holders of an office of trust but are also temporal caretakers for and of the Kingdom of God.

Trustees in the African Methodist Episcopal church have the responsibility of all church property. This includes management, maintenance, development, and use of property under the direction of the church’s Official Board for the support of the programs approved by the congregation. The Trustees are caretakers of the property that has been entrusted to their care. Duties and responsibilities of Trustees are defined in more detail in the 2012 A.M.E. Church Discipline.

A local church will elect no less than three (3) Trustees and not more than nineteen (19). Bethel’s Trustees know their responsibility is for the property and not for church programs. The Pastor is Chairperson of The Board.

Board of Trustees St. Paul AME Church

The Rev. Jerome Stembridge. Chairman
Betty Parrish-Mensah – Vice Chairperson
Yvonne Lambert
Oliver Greene
Dr. Stephen Cowan
Tyler Bell-Santucci
Judith Harrison

A Look at Trustees in the AME Church

The nature, duties, and demands of the office of trustee necessitate the same spiritual qualifications for those who serve as stewards. A trustee must be:

• A twice-born person (John 3:3).

• A God-fearing person (1 Timothy 3:9).

• A person who is full of the Holy Ghost (Acts 6:5).

• A person of great faith (Acts 6:5).

• A person of prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

• A person with a servant’s heart (Acts 6:24).